Monash South Africa

The Laureate partnership enables Monash South Africa (MSA) to expand its student enrollment and academic offerings, and to continue delivering a rich, distinctive student experience. As one of the first internationally recognized tertiary institutions in the region, MSA is making a significant contribution to higher education in Africa and providing new global opportunities for students.

On Ground

Monash South Africa is a world-class institution of higher learning, providing academic excellence and quality education to over 4,000 students from more than 60 different countries.

The impressive, state of the art campus in Johannesburg was founded in 2000 by Monash University, and is dedicated to supporting South Africa and the continent to meet its diverse economic and educational needs by producing graduates that are internationally recognized.

MSA has four academic schools offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses: Business and Economics, Health Sciences, Information Technology and Social Science. The Higher Certificate in Higher Education Studies is a one-year articulation program into the undergraduate degrees.

Postgraduate diplomas are offered in accounting, corporate governance, retirement funds management, and HIV/AIDS and health.

The Laureate partnership strengthens our global reputation and ensures that our students are recognized as global citizens for their skills and talent—no matter where in the world they choose to pursue their careers. Access to a global network of academics and collaboration on research and academic programs provide a broad base for continuous growth and rapid development. This partnership has opened new pathways for our students and enables us to remain true to our pursuit of student centricity, as we strive to create graduates who are agile, adaptable and highly employable.
Professor Alwyn Louw, Academic President, Monash South Africa